About us

STEEP Career Builders Private Limited is a registered company under Companies Act.1956 and was started with a mission to enhance the employability potential of the young generation pursuing Professional and non Professional courses in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

We focus on providing task based training in tune with the needs of the industry and facilitate Career opportunities and Career growth through Placement assistance. We implement Hands-on practice and live projects to ensure real work place experience. The strength of our company is our professionally trained & internationally certified faculty who are adept at training in Communication Skills & Soft Skills. We also adopt e-learning mechanism and projects as supplementary learning tools to build work related skills and provide real workplace environment.


Education sector in India is expanding and exploring new models, though it is not considered as a profit industry. With a growing population and still a large gap in the education services, and an increasing requirement for a career-oriented education system; Soft skill Training and basic Computer Knowledge provides unique opportunities for those who are aspiring to build career. STEEP could be an interesting learning and engagement opportunity for participants interested in career settlement.

Instructors and Trainers at STEEP are experts in developing strong, confident leaders throughout Fortune 500 companies and independent businesses around the world as well as purposefully shifting and creating fun, high energy corporate cultures for clients. Our team building activities help build a purposeful team culture within organization. We have some of the best Trainers with experience in various corporate houses and from diverse industries. This gives us a blend of experience to provide more effective program content for our discerning students.

Academic qualifications and work based skills are integral essentials of today’s job market. A candidate aspiring for a growth assured career path is judged and accommodated in the work field on the strength of his skill set, particularly his ability to meet the challenges of the changing global employment market. Opportunities abound in the global job arena but many candidates suffer from unemployment due to severe skill crunch. Committed working style, creative and independent decisive nature and a confident perspective are valuable skills that ensure an advantage academically, personally and professionally.

Hence, STEEP has come up with a training course that is comprehensive, rigorous and in tune with current global job trends. If you are on a look out for a dynamic training environment, STEEP is the right destination.

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